Posted by: happytoknowhim | July 6, 2007

Finally Back To BRF

Genesis 1-5

My first thoughts as I began to read Genesis were what a powerful and wonderful God we serve and the many firsts there were.

As God ceated each day He said that it wa good.  God created a perfect world, but it didn’t take long for man (woman) to mess it up.  But before I blame Adam and Eve too much I must confess that if they had not disobeyed, when it got to me, I would be the one to disobey God. Sad as that is to admit when God has done so much for me.

The serpent cast doubt about what God said and Eve was deceived because she, “ ..saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise…” Genesis 3:6.  God allowed them to enjoy everything in the garden except the tree in the midst of the garden.  God said don’t even touch it.  The problem came when Eve listened to the serpent instead of obeying God.  This was the first sin and just like sin we commit today, we try to cover it up.  

One sin leads to another;  now Adam blames Eve, and Eve blames the serpent.  It even sounds like Adam blames God for giving him this woman that causes him to sin. Just as we cannot cover our sin, Adam and Eve could not cover their sin.   God had to cover them with skins so that their whole body was covered. Because of their disobedience they lost everything that was perfect and beautiful and were put out of the garden and mankind would labour to provide for their living from this time on.

The next thing that happens is that Cain is jealous of Abel  because his offering was one accepted of the Lord it pictures the shedding of blood for salvation “without shedding of blood is no remission”  Hebrews 9:22. Cain’s offering pictured human effort. When they were in the field together Cain killed Abel, so now we have the first murder.  When he is questioned he lies to God.  Now we have the first lie.   It would be wonderful to say that we learned from these examples and to realize that we cannot get away with sin in our lives, but such is not the case.  I am so thankful for a heavenly Father that has made a way for my sin to be forgiven.  I am also thankful for His Son who was willing to go to the cross of Calvary to pay for my sin.

That’s my thoughts on the first five chapers.  I hope it makes a little sense and not too disjointed. I am looking forward to the next five.  Until next time, keep smiling.



  1. Great to have you back! I really thought your review was good. Your points about sin and how we can’t cover it up are so true and it is something I really need to think about. I get the attitude that God won’t notice or won’t care when I sin but that’s just not true. Thanks!

  2. Me too–I would have been the one to disobey. Very sad, as you said. Wonderful review. Thank you!

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