Posted by: happytoknowhim | July 28, 2007

Genesis 20-25 BRF

Well here I am a little late as usual.  I thought I would get my review finished early this week, but as you can see the intentions were good but the doing was not so good.

I have been really enjoying our journey through the Book of Genesis.  We do serve an awesome God.  We have seen God’s mercy, forgiveness, long suffering and patience in just these 25 chapters. 

There is so much to see in this week’s reading, but I am just going to mention a couple that stood out to me.

First in chapter 22 God tells Abraham to take his only son Isaac and offer him for a burnt offering.  I cannot even imagine how I would respond to a command to offer one of my children for a burnt offering and I am relieved that God has not asked me to do this.  Abraham had such faith that God would keep His promise for His plans for a nation that he just believed that God would raise Isaac up.  Isaac, I am certain could have refused to be bound up and to be placed on the altar if he had wanted to.  Isaac’s submission shows a picture of Christ, He (Christ) could also have refused to be beaten, spit upon, humiliated and nailed to the cross for our sins that He had not committed.  This account is such o good example for me to remember when  I find it hard to see God’s purpose for things in my life,  in the end God has the best for me I just need to learn to obey and submit to His will for me.

In chapter 24 there is another great example for us to follow.  Abraham knew that he could not go back to his homeland, God had promised him the land where he now lived; he was not to take a wife for his son of the Cannanites either.  He sent his servant to find a wife for Isaac from his kindred.  This was a big request to ask of his servant but his servant sought God to prosper his way and God heard his prayer and granted him his request.  Rebekah was submissive and quick to follow the servant to a land that she did not know and to become the wife of a man she did not know.  This reminds me of God’s goodness in our own lives, the road ahead is perfect when we trust Him. God has the perfect mate for each of us when we leave the choosing to Him.  Rebekah was the wife God had choosen for Isaac.

I hope this review makes a little bit of sense, it has been a good week of reading and thinking on what a wonderful heavenly Father we serve.  I am thankful for these accounts and for the faith that these people showed in their lives . They did not see the outcome of their decisions but just obeyed.  I have a hard time obeying things I don’t understand and I have so many examples of God’s love and answers to prayer in front of me of. I just need to learn to believe and obey. I pray that God will increase my faith and trust in Him. 

I will leave the account of Jacob and Esau until next week.   Lots more lessons to learn!

Now I will go and read the other reviews.  Have a great day in the Lord’s house tomorrow and a profitable week  ahead:-)  Until next time, keep smiling and loving our Lord.



  1. Barb, I loved your line, “They did not see the outcome of their decisions but just obeyed.” Big lesson there. I want to learn to do that!

  2. Love your new look! And your review. I liked the part about Isaac and how you said he didn’t fight it and how that was justr like Christ. I didn’t make that connection at all so thank you for pointing it out 🙂

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