Posted by: happytoknowhim | August 10, 2007

Genesis 30 – 34 BRF

Another week has gone by very quickly!!  Nothing really stood out to me as it has at other times except the fact that when we don’t wait for God’s timing we mess everything up.

One thing that has been evident to me starting with Abraham and Sarah is the trouble we get into when we think we need to help God fulfill His promises to us.  Sarah wanted to help God fulfill His promise of a son by giving Abraham Hagar, her handmaiden for his wife so that she could give Abraham that son and we know the problems that caused.  Rebekah and Jacob deceived Isaac into giving Jacob the blessing.  When we get to Jacob, we see Leah and Rachel helping God out by striving to give Jacob children even giving their handmaids as wives to Jacob so that they wouldn’t be outdone by the other.  I wonder if this would have happened if Laban had not deceived Jacob with Leah instead of Rachel.  Of course none of this took God by surprise, He already knew what would take place. God must really be entertained or disgusted with our efforts to manipulate Him into doing what we think is best and then expecting His blessing on our lives.  Aren’t you glad we serve  a patient, longsuffering heavenly Father, I sure am.  When I read these accounts, I wonder why God has been and is  so merciful to me in all the times I have done the same thing to get my own way and to accomplish what I want when I am too impatient to wait for God. By the way I heard a definition last Sunday for the word impatient, it was described as not having faith.  WOW did that hit me on the head, I think I am the most impatient person ever!!  I pray God will bring that description to memory every time I feel impatient.

 I am encouraged by the fact that Jacob wrestled with God until he received an answer “And he said, Let me go, for the day breaketh. And he said, I will not let thee go, except thou bless me” chapter 32:26.  I wonder how many times God has wanted to answer a prayer for me but I gave up before the answer came.  I want to be willing to wait on God and have the faith that He will hear and answer my prayer according to His will, not mine. 

In chapter 34 I believe there is a lesson for all of us as ladies to stay under the protection of the authority that God has placed over us whether it be a father, husband, brother or pastor that as ladies we may be protected.  Dinah was out from under that protection when she went out to the see the daughters of the land (unsaved girls).  Her actions had severe consequences, a whole people was destroyed.  This reminds me that my actions and decisions do not only affect myself  but have an influence on others more than I may be aware of.    Our lives are always influencing someone, whether for good or bad,  and I pray that I might be careful to think before I act or speak. 

Well these were some things that came to my attention as I read this past week.  I hope it makes sense.  I am looking forward to reading the other reviews as I am always encouraged and thankful for the truths that are brought out.  Much to learn:-).  I thank God for His great love and patience with me.

Hope you all have a great day:) Until next time – keep looking up!


  1. Thanks for your review Barb…I’m off the band wagon this week 😦

    I loved what you said about Dinah and how God gives us protection and the ramifications of that when we go outside of God’s authority. Very thought provoking.

    God Bless <

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