Posted by: happytoknowhim | November 25, 2007

BRF – Highlights Exodus 1-10

My excuse for no BRF before now is too many things happening.  What with Mission Conference, special speakers, a wedding happening for a couple in our church, a night out to the Jubulee Auditorium to see the Von Trapp Children on the 29th and than preparing to go to Florida for Christmas this year has kept me from my blog site.  I am a blog fanatic and I haven’t even had an opportunity to read Shannon’s BRF from Exodus 1-5, but I promise today I am going to get caught up!!! 

I am just going to do some highlights from Chapters 1 to 10 that caught my attention and gave me much to think about.

Chapter 1:16-21  I have to admire the bravery of the midwives in disobeying the order of the King .  They seen first hand his severity in dealing with the children of Israel.  Their fear of God was greater than their fear of the King; God honoured them and kept them safe. 

v.22 I cannot even begin to imagine the horror and grief of having my child being born, taken from me,  and cast into a river.  It gives me the chills  just to think about it.   

Chapter 2  The account of Moses always amazes me.  It is ironic that Moses’ mother had the foresight to see that he was a “goodly child”.  I think it must have been a very difficult thing for her to put her little  baby in a basket and set him afloat on the river.  God had everthing under control though and had Pharaoh’s daughter at the river at just the right time.  I can just imagine the joy for his mother when Miriam came to her with her son to be cared for at the request of Pharaoh’s daughter and she even got paid for caring for her own son.

Chapter 3 I was reminded of the great power of God again in the account of the burning bush.  Moses must have been astonished to see a bush on fire and yet not burning to ashes and can you just imagine his shock when God spoke to him from the burning bush.  I am sorry to say that I probably would have been so afraid that I wouldn’t have stayed around to hear what God would tell me.  Moses was not very excited about the fact that God wanted to use him to set His people free from the bondage of the Egytians.  I had to ask myself “would not I have also argued with God and come up with all kinds of excuses not to obey?”  Moses certainly had plenty of reasons why God should choose someone else.

Chapter 6 – 10 I wonder at the hardness of Pharaoh’s heart, it would seem to my little mind that when all these plagues came upon the Egytians and not upon the children of Israel, that he would get the message that God was sending to him to  “Let my people go”,  of course this was no surprise to God, He knew what it would take for Pharaoh to get the message.  Even though I can see the hardness of Pharaoh’s heart, I wonder how many times my own heart has been hardened to the things that God wanted me to do and I just plain argued and  rebelled.  I wonder how many of God’s blessings that I have missed in my life because of my rebellous heart.  I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have in my house and everywhere I went to be faced with frogs, lice, flies, and locusts just to name some of the plagues that God brought upon the Egytians because of Pharaoh.

I know that there is much more to be said but I am tired and if I don’t finish tonight,  I will miss another week of sharing the things I have been made aware of.   These book reviews are so  good and certainly make me think while I am reading.  Please don’t give up Shannon, in the next few weeks I won’t promise I will do a review, but I will promise that I will do the reading.  It has been very good for me, as I am sure it has been for others. I hope everyone has a blessed Lord’s Day and that your heart will be open and ready to receive the things that our Lord has for you to learn.

Until next time have a wonderful week ahead:) 



  1. So nice to see you there again Barb! I was getting worried that you may be ill. Glad to know that you are just keeping busy with all those great things!! 🙂
    Great review too. 🙂

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