Posted by: happytoknowhim | January 28, 2008

I was Lost!


    I attended your church this morning.  You wouldn’t remember me — I may be one who is eleven or eighty — but I was there — and I was hunting for something. I think I would have found it if you hadn’t been in such a hurry.  The choir— even you in the congregation — sang hymns about a loving Lord that made my heart beat faster. I felt

 a tight, choking sensation in my throat as your minister described the condition of a lost person.

    “I am lost. He is talking about me,” I said to myself.  “From the way he is speaking, being saved must be very important.”   I looked about at you in the pews near me.   You were listening; you seemed to think that the preacher’s words were important.   “All these people are so concerned,” I thought. “They want me to be saved, too.” At the last the minister finished his appeal and asked you to stand and sing another of the beautiful songs you know so well.   I swallowed a lump in my throat and wished I knew the joy with which you sang. Then your pastor looked at me and started tell me once again how I could have this joy but his words were drowned in a buzzing beside me.

    When I glanced around, you were putting on your little girl’s coat and telling her to get her things. I looked on my other side and saw you touching up your lipstick and re- arranging your hair.

    Looking in front of me, I saw you frown at your watch as if time were running out. Suddenly, I didn’t want to look at any more of you — my eyes burned, and my throat hurt

— my feet were so tired I couldn’t have walked toward the pleading minister.

   You really didn’t care. This salvation the minister had been telling me about was not important. You didn’t care that I was lost — you only wanted to get away. I wanted to get away too. I wanted to run, but was afraid if I did, you would wonder what I was hunting for. I waited until the service was over and walked out among you — alone — LOST!


It is sad to say that this is true  too many  times.  Shannon shared awhile back about the distraction of Bibles being zipped up before the preacher had even finished his words. It made me very conscious of this and how there could be a visitor that was kept from hearing the invitation message to come to Christ, because of all the distractions.  I pray that we will all be made aware that the invitation time is probably the most important part of our service.  Are we not there for the service to hear God speaking to us.  The invitation is also an oportunity for us to get things right before our Lord. 


I hope this helps to be aware of the distractions caused in the service and strive to change it where one of us is guilty.




  1. that’s a great post Barb! I need to think more about the people around me and try and notice them. I struggle with getting to know the new people at church. i often feel shy but I really should put myself out there more often!

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