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I am writing this post a day early as it is a busy week-end ahead.  I am totally amazed at the depth of this little book of 25 verses.  It may be little but it is powerful in instruction, warning and hope for us.  We have been going through this book verse by verse in our adult Sunday School.  Pastor Davis has been faithful to share the truth of God’s Word in every class with us.  I truly appreciate him.

I am going to share some things that stood out to me as I read this week.  I find that most of this book is negative and only a few verses are encouraging. I am so thankful for verses 24and 25 to end this book .  It reminds me how important my testimony is before others to be earnestly contending for the faith

Jude says in in verse 1that we (believers) are ” to them that are sanctified by God the Father, and preserved in Jesus Christ, and called:”   The Bible tells me in John 10:28 that when Jesus saves me that I have eternal life, “And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand”.  Praise the Lord that His Word never fails and what He says He will do, He does.  I can rest assured in His promises.  It is none of me and all of Him. I must share my faith of the truth of God’s Word with those that do not know Christ as Saviour.  We are exhorted  to earnestly contend for the faith”.  I need to be bold and stand up for things that are wrong. 

Jude gives a warning in v. 4 to be aware of apostates that are creepiong into our midst.  We are told that they come in looking and talking as a Christian.  They come with the intention of casting doubt on God’s Word, they portray themselves as loving our Lord but are undermining His truth.  It has been said that 95% truth and 5 % poison is deadly.  I need to know God’s Word and not be fooled by the 5% poison.  I pray that God will show me when error is being taught and to search the Scriptures daily as did the Christians in Acts 17:11, “and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so”. God’s Wordin my roadmap, I need to be reading and studying it so that I will know the truth so well that I am not taken in by false doctrine.  I know that this can only happen by being diligent and obeying the things of the Lord.  These false teachers that are creeping in are “Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities”. verse 8.  These are rebelling against the truth of the Word of God and they don’t want to be by themseslves but they want company.  I trust that I will not be foolish enough to question God or His Word.

 Jude tells me not to be so bold as to think that I can fight this spiritual battle on my own.  Michael the archangel left Satan to Almighty God to deal with, and he was more powerful that I am.  I have no ability to fight against the devil, I must leave him to my Lord to fight this battle.  I think sometimes that I forget that the enemy (Satan) is present because I don’t see him with my eyes.  God help me to be on guard all the time.

Verse 13 tells me of the deception of false teachers.  They appear to be godly but in truth are liars and deceptors; always telling of a better way.  I am reminded of a river that looks so peaceful and calm.  It does not appear to be dangerous but you cannot see the undertow and as you step into the water it you are in danger.  Even a strong swimmer many times cannot swim against these undertows and lose their lives.  We cannot be deceived by what appears to be good but trust the Word of God.  He has all the answers for everything that we need in our lives.  

The Word of God tells me so many times that there will be false teachers and mockers that will come in the last days  and that I should be aware and on guard all the time. 

In verse 22,  I am told to have compassion and to make a difference to those aroound me.  I pray that my actions and attitudes will make a difference to those that I come in contact with each day.  I want to be an encouragement to my sisters and brothers in Christ and a  godly influence to those that don’t yet know Christ as their personal Saviour.

I am so happy that Jude ends theis book on an encouraging and promising note.  Verses24 and 25say, “Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.”  What a wonderful promise. To God be the glory for He alone is worthy.  What a wonderful and awesome God I serve!!

This book has been a real challenge to me and shown me many things that I need to be aware of as I travel through this life.  It is a blessing to know that it will all be over someday and that I will be safely home with my Saviour.  What a day that will be.

I am looking for the next portion for our weekly reading and the reviews on Jude. Until next time, keep looking to Him.



  1. Great Barb! 🙂 I’m glad you mentioned about the fact that even Michael didn’t fight Satan, it is a battle for the Lord. None of us are strong enough. My mom was talking about that point while she was reading it, it really never even crossed my mind in my own reading. Its great to hear and learn what others learned and I missed! Thanks for the review.

  2. Thanks Barb, I too wondered what the part about Michael meant and now it’s clearer. Great review, meaty little book Jude is, eh? 🙂

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