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I Samuel 1-6

Hannah is one of my most loved and admired women of the Bible.  As a mom myself, I cannot imagine  the agony she was going through as she desired to have a child.  It appears that Peninnah did not make it any easier for her.  A little side note– do you think maybe that is a good reason for a man to have only one wife as God ordained?  Hannah handled the problem she had with Peninnah in the right way, she took it to the Lord.  She had the confidence in God that He would take care of it.  Hannah wanted a child so much that it says in 1:11 “And she vowed a vow, and said, O LORD of hosts, if thou wilt indeed look on the affliction of thine handmaid, and remember me, and not forget thine handmaid, but wilt give unto thine handmaid a man child, then I will give him unto the LORD all the days of his life, and there shall no razor come upon his head.”   Can you imagine having a child and then when he is old enough to be weaned to let him be raised by someone else?  The Bible talks about the depth and urgency of Hannah’s prayer to the Lord.  I wonder if I had that kind of a prayer life, if I might see more answer to my prayers, especially the salvation of my unsaved children and friends.  I know that this is an area of my life that I am in need of work and the prayers of others for me.

In chapter 2:1-2 Hannah is rejoicing in the Lord’s goodness. I want to be more like Hannah. I see God’s goodness, mercy and grace poured out upon me daily.  I am many times overwhelmed by all the blessings that the Lord  has showered me with and I am ashamed of the little that I really do to further His work.  I am so happy that God still brings conviction to my heart and doesn’t just let me go my own way. 

2:3-9 It shows that God does all things well.  He takes care of those that are his and punishes those that offend His own.  Their is nothing hid from Him.  He is a holy and just Heavenly Father 2:20- 21 goes to show that God can not be out given“And Eli blessed Elkanah and his wife, and said, The LORD give thee seed of this woman for the loan which is lent to the LORD. And they went unto their own home. And the LORD visited Hannah, so that she conceived, and bare three sons and two daughters. And the child Samuel grew before the LORD.”  Hannah’s sacrifice in lending Samuel to the Lord did not go unrewarded by the Lord.

In contrast to Hannah and her love and obedience to the Lord, Eli is not a good example for parents to follow.  Eli’s sons brought great shame and grief to their father.  Chapter 2.12 says,“Now the sons of Eli were sons of Belial; they knew not the LORD”.  The Bible says in chapter 3:12-13, “In that day I will perform against Eli all things which I have spoken concerning his house: when I begin, I will also make an end. For I have told him that I will judge his house for ever for the iniquity which he knoweth; because his sons made themselves vile, and he restrained them not”.  God does not take lightly the task He has given to parents.  He will hold us responsible for their actions.  Eli’s sons were grown men and God held Eli responsiblefor their actions.  He has given the guidelines in His Word for training our children, and I believe prayer for them must begin even before they are born, I only regret that I did not do this,  certainly training must begin early Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”.  The things that Eli’s sons were doing were causing the people to sin chapter 2:24 says,“Nay, my sons; for it is no good report that I hear: ye make the LORD’S people to transgress”.   God held Eli responsible for this.  It is important how we raise our children, we never know who is being influenced by the way we raise our children and live our lives, we will either be a good influence or a bad influence, but it is sure we will have an influence, we are not an island unto ourselves.

I hope this makes some kind of sense as I felt that I was going in circles at times.  I am looking forward to reading other reviews and gleaning what I can from each of you.

This is the end of my review for this week it is getting late and time to say good-nite:):)

Until next time – keep smiling:):)




  1. Thank you for the review Barb (it does make sense, no cirlces. :). Good point on prayer too. I’m looking forward to the rest of the book.

  2. Hi Barb! Great review, we touched on some of the same things in the begining there. There is so much to learn from these chapters!!

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