Posted by: happytoknowhim | May 24, 2008

I Samuel 17-20

This is just going to be a short review as there are so many things on the go right now and time is limited.

I have enjoyed reading through ! Samuel, even though there are so many well known accounts in this book, I find there is always something I have missed.  I thank God that His Word is the “living Word of God” it is never dull, each time I read it I find so many things that I have missed.

I am just going to share something about the well known account of David and Goliath.  I don’t believe that David was looking to be noticed when he said that he would fight the giant, he was concerned that there was no faith among the people that God was the one that would win the battle for them.  David said in chapter 17:29, “And David said, What have I now done? Is there not a cause?” when his brother accused him of just wanting to see the battle.  David had already seen the power of God on his life while he was keeping his fathers sheep.  David could not believe that no one had challenged this giant who had defied the living God.  Saul thought that David was too young and not strong enough to go up against this giant, but David knew that it did not depend on him but his God.

Saul gave David amour but David knew that he had not tested this armour so he did not use it, but used what he knew had worked in the past.  It has been said in a commentary that this should be a lesson to us that we should not be trying to be something we are not.  God has not given us all the same abilities,  some of us can speak well, some of us can write well, some of us can sing well, I think you get my point.  We should all use the talents that God has given us and use them for His glory.  This is a quote from J. Vernon McGee “Too many people are trying to use a sword when the slingshot is really more their size”.  I like that quote and it would be well for me to remember it.

David choose five smooth stones to kill the giant.  I have heard some say that he thought he might miss and so had the extra stones but I believe the answer to why he chose five stones is found in II Samuel 21:22 “These four were born to the giant in Gath, and fell by the hand of David, and by the hand of his servants“. David was making sure that the job was complete.  I don’t believe that not killing Goliath with one stone ever entered his mind, he knew the battle was the Lord’s.  I am looking for the day that I will totally trust God and not try to fix difficult situations on my own (by the way I only make things more difficult most times).  I need to continually trust the Lord, He knows whats best for me.

Well this is my review for this time, short as it is:)  Blogging for me may be even less than it is now as we are heading into a very busy summer.  I will continue with the reading though, I have found BRF so rewarding since i have been involved and have enjoyed reading each review– so much to learn!  If any ladies are looking for a challenge and want to join us, that would be wonderful.

Until next time — keep looking up and give God the glory in all that you do for Him:):)



  1. Hi Barb. You have been busy this year! I’ll look forward to whatever posts you are able to find time for, just like this one. 🙂

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