Posted by: happytoknowhim | September 1, 2008

Thoughts to Think Ponder

The following thoughts from a young lady of our church has some things that are worth giving thougt to as we go through our very busy days.  Always find time to give to Christ, He gave His all for us.
Time with Christ.
   It is hard to believe that I am writing this for the September newsletter. Time has flown away! (And I did not throw it out the window.) Children have grown, trials have come and gone, and the clock has kept right on ticking. Today is here, and yesterday is gone.
   There are many jokes that have been made about time passing us by, many of them funny but true. Time has been given to us by God for the purpose of glorifying Him. I wonder how often we do glorify God with the way we use our time? We are surrounded by clocks. Yet how often do we give some of our ‘tick-tocks’ to share the gospel? How often do we take the time to think of an encouraging word, and then say it? And most importantly, how much time do we give God, the giver of time? In heaven there is no time, and forever is forever, but God would like to share your time on earth as well.
Sharing my time with Christ,
How happy my life shall be!
To share each day with Him,
In practice for eternity!
Giving my time to Christ,
For He alone knows best.
He knows when I should work,
And when it’s time to rest.

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